Struggling with keeping up on the new Energy Code requirements?

Learn how to conquer the complexity of the Energy Code with our monthly Energy Code Newsletter. Knowledge is the key to making it easier to build more energy efficient buildings.

Each IACL Energy Code Newsletter has several short articles about the 2015 and 2018 Energy Code. Learn some quick and easy ways to address some of the compliance challenges . Awareness about these issues give you control and options. A few of the topics are included below:

  1. Required Energy Permitting documents
  2. The New Commercial Commissioning Requirements
  3. Energy Report nuances that can save you money
  4. Commercial Lighting Density and Day Lighting requirements
  5. The Value of a Manual J, S and D and your HVAC budget
  6. Blower Door testing and what you need to do to get a passing number
  7. Duct Pressurization testing. Is it required?
  8. Fine tuning your renovation and addition projects with Performance testing